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India Boiler is a known name today amongst the industries for offering technical training in all fields of Plant Engineering. We are offering our services to all business sectors, both in India and Abroad.

But when it comes to the Preparatory Training for BOE certificate Examination; we can safely claim that we are the Pioneer.

We have designed and prepared a special training module for the working professionals in 2002. Since then, close to 1000 Engineers have acquired the BOE certificate under our guidance. Equal numbers of Operators have also cleared the Boiler Attendant’s Certificate (both 2nd and 1st class) after taking a special training we have created especially for them. The training module have continuously evolved with time and experience and innovative techniques were added to make it absolutely tailor made for those professionals, who have left their Academic life quite sometimes back and have to devote a major time of the day to their job.

Till now, mostly the professionals from Gujarat State were getting the benefit of this training programme, primarily because we are operating from Vadodara, Gujarat. We could offer this training at other states only to few companies, who have enough engineers and operators in roll to arrange on-campus training.

With a major support of our web based distance education applications, this course is now available for all the states of India, where the examination is being conducted by the respective IBR department.

Who can benefit from this programme?

Aspiring candidates for the BOE and Boiler Attendant (2nd & 1st Class) certificate examinations, who are meeting the eligibility criterion as specified by the “Boiler Operation Rules 2011”.

The Eligibility Criterion can be seen at our website

Training Modules:

    Direct classroom Training:

      A. Direct Class room Coaching:

      This is offered in two different formats:

    1. Open Training Workshop, where individual personnel from various organizations can join the course. 6 Full days of classroom is offered by experienced faculties from India Boiler dot Com. This course is conducted at Vadodara, Gujarat every year.
    2. In-house Campus Training; this is arranged by companies at their own premises. Faculties from India Boiler dot Com visit the company and conduct minimum 8 full day’s classroom training. We are offering this training to only those organizations, who can offer minimum 25 participants in their roll.

    3. B. Web Support:

      The classroom trainings are not conducted in a single week, or, on consecutive 6 or 8 days. These training dates are distributed over a period of minimum two months. Throughout this period, continuous web support is given to the participants. The faculties are available online 24 x 7 to clear answer all questions from the participants. Additional resource materials and some learning tools are also available at the web support. This facility is available for minimum two months, or till the examination is conducted.

    On-line Training:

      A. Virtual Class room Coaching:

    1. Recorded Video Tutorial: Participants can access a number of pre-recorded video tutorials presented by the experienced faculties. These tutorials would cover some of the key concepts that are important for the examination, particularly in solving the Numerical questions and also Engineering Drawing.
    2. Interactive Discussion Forums: With every question given in the resource material, there is dedicated discussion forum string available. Easy search options have been given to find out what others have asked along with their replies. There are number of rich discussions available in those forums from earlier participants, which by itself is a useful resource.
    3. Periodic Assignments: The progress of the participants during the course is periodically assessed and monitored by on-line assignments. There is a discussion forum available on each question of these assignments.
    4. Self Assessment MCQs: This is a special online preparatory tool. A large data base of short questions (MCQs, True & False, etc.), collected from different BOE examinations conducted at various states, are kept here in checkbox format. Concept notes are available against a number of important questions which you can read after submitting your answer. This is a very useful section as a major part of both papers are asked in objective question form by most of the states now.
    5. Live Video Conference: There will be couple of live video conferences conducted by the faculties through web based video conference facilities. Participants only need high speed internet to participate in this.
    Conversion to Direct Classroom Training Mode:

    If the number of on-line training registration from a particular state exceeds 25, option would be given to the participants to convert the course as Direct Classroom training. If the participants opt for it, then the course will be conducted as Direct Classroom training in one of the centrally located cities in that state.

    Reference Resource Material:

    A comprehensively prepared study material, covering the BOE examination syllabus in 4 volumes, containing 22 chapters along with a separate study material for Engineering Drawing is offered as study material. Other resource materials like question papers of various states, typical answers to some important questions, etc are made available through the web support.

    Programme Fees:
      A. Open Training Workshop for Gujarat:
    • Fees: Rs. 12,000/- + 18% GST : Total INR 14,160/-
    • Programme duration: 6 full days classroom training + 24 x 7 web support till the examination is conducted by IBR Department

      B. In-house campus training:
    • Fees: Will be quoted based on location and number of participants available
    • Programme duration: 8 full days classroom training + 24 x 7 web support till the examination is conducted.

    (To arrange the course as in-house, send enquiry to / / )

      C. On-line Training:
    • Fees: Rs. 10,000/- + 18% GST : Total INR 11,800/-
    • Programme duration: The entire course has to be completed in 4 months or before the examination is completed
    • Registration is open.

    (To know about the Registration procedure, check out the website or, contact Programme Coordinator )

    Operators Training for Boiler Attendants Certificate
    (2nd and 1st class):
    The programme consists of 4 full days of classroom training on Boiler system and operation & maintenance. They are specifically prepared to appear for the viva examination conducted for this certificate.
    If sufficient numbers of candidates are available, this special training can be arranged. The fees would depend on the location. Interested personnel may contact the Programme Coordinator for further details.
    Contact For Registration

    Programme Coordinator:
    India Boiler dot Com
    B-2 Miraj Apartment, Near Natubhai Circle,
    Inox Cinema Road, Race Course(W), Vadodara–390 007
    Tel. 0265 – 2386658/ 2388339
    Cell: +91 9099933061 / 8511161751
    e-mail: / /